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What is GTP?

The Global Teenager Project

Imagine a lively classroom debate on immigration, rainforests or HIV/AIDS where teachers and pupils are linked up with their peers in Ghana or Taiwan and get their opinions on the subject. Now, apply that thought to a school curriculum and you capture the heart of the Global Teenager Project (GTP).

The Global Teenager Project connects students globally in Learning Circles to enable classroom discussions in a safe and structured environment. It gives schools a kick-start in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It also provides students with a strong basis in communication skills and valuable insights into other cultures.
Finally, it livens up the teaching process as teachers incorporate new ideas and methods into their classes and allow students to take a higher level of ownership in learning.


Although the Global Teenager Project initially started as a project designed just for high school students, the project has now been expanded and includes children of all abilities including Gifted & Talented and SEN.

Professional Development
The Global Teenager Project offers an online Learning Circle Methodology Course that addresses teachers and future teachers interested in developing solid understanding of the Learning Circle methodology in order to participate successfully with their students in Learning Circles. Once mastered the full depth of the Learning Circles, GTP offers a rich and dynamic international learning environment network where your students work and learn together with more than 20.000 students in 40+ countries. GTP brings the world in your classroom.

What does the Global Teenager Project bring to your classroom?

  • Future Skills: Students are given a solid grounding in critical thinking, teamwork and personalized learning.
  • Well facilitated interactive educational activities:
    activities are regularly assessed with input from pupils, teachers, facilitators and the country coordinators.
  • Intercultural exchange and awareness: GTP takes away stereotypical images and preconceived ideas and gives way to a deeper intercultural understanding.
  • Democratic information exchange: GTP’s wikis create a level playing field where everyone is equal and an expert in his or her own field. Lasting friendships are formed which continue long after the Learning Circle has ended.