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Afsluiting LC Eco Friendly Schools

Brielle - Maerlant College - 20 april 2012

10:30 - 10:45  Welcome
10:45 - 11:00  Who is Cunina / GTP
11:00 - 12:00  Students work in groups on question and evaluation                                   
12:00 - 12:15  Video conference with Lebanon
12:15 - 12:30  Video conference with Philipines
12:30 - 13:15  Lunch
13:15 - 14:30  Visit to the newly built "eco friendly" Maerlantcollege
14:30 - 15:30  Presentations of the groups and granting certificates
   Group pictures
Schools from Belgium, the Netherlands and the Philipines worked togehter in a Learning Circle Wiki for 11 weeks. The theme they researched was 'Eco Friendly Schools'. On Friday April 20 2012 students and teachers from the Netherlands and the two school from Belgium met for a closing gathering. The location of the meeting was the Maerlant College, Brielle, the Netherlands.
At 10:30 the auditorium of the Maerlant College in Brielle was filled with students. The students form Belgium left early from KA Erasmus school at De Pinte and the Sint-Aloysiusinstituut at Geel. The group of students was welcomed by Bob Hofman, Coordinator of the Global Teenager Project in the Netherlands and Elke Vandamme and Sophie Vangheel, Cunina, Belgium. They each shared information about GTP and Cunina
After the welcoming the students where devided in 10 groups. They answered questions like "did participation in the project meet your expectations?" and "Did your image of the Netherland, Belgium or the Philipines changed because of the project?". They also had to think of new themes for the comming Learing Circles. And all the answers had to presented in 2 minutes per group at the and of the day.
Video Conference
Aroud 12 O'clock we made contact via Skype with the school "Notre Dame De La paix des filles de la Charite" in Kobayat, Lebanon. The participated in the Eco Friendly Schools Learing Circle last year. And at 12:15 we contacted Erwin at the Philipines at St. Mary's University in Bayombong. The Students had the chance to ask eachother questions about the porject. Unfortunately the connection was not so good and the students had a hard time understanding eachother. But they had a fun time finaly meeting eachother!
Ofcourse there were a lot of hungry students! The Maerlant College had probaly predicted this and prepared a very nice lunch for everybody.
Vist to the newly built Maerlant college
After a 15min walk the whole group arrived at theconstruction site. The new Maerlant college meets the requirements of an eco friendly school. With al kinds sustainable thechnologies the school is made eco friendly in for example the heating/ cooling of the building.
Presentation and certificates
In two minutes the groups presented their group picture and what they liked about the project.
And after the presentations the granting of the certificates took place.
The group pictures
Groep 1.   
Amber, Tom, Ellen, Renée, Ot, Celine, Mirjam and Jeroen.
Groep 2.
Phoebe, Laura, Florent, Yoni, Toon, Lieze, Maxime and Kirra.
Groep 3.
Cato, Djah'ma, Jeroen, Yves, Dylan, Cis, Bart and Christa.
Groep 4.
Denim, Marilou, Ben, Elise, Caya, Ralph, Max and Maurits.
Picture to be added
Groep 5.
Jellen, Wannes, Injas, Alina, Jens, Klaus, Arthur, Sharon and Fien.
Groep 6.
Robbe, Charanne, Injas, Nore, Magalie, Jochen, Leem, Britny and Rowan.
Groep 7.
Cédric, Nzoye, Anton, Sibe, Amber, Emma, Quirijn and Nele.
Groep 8.
Faye, Jana, Feyha, Mattias, Tibo, Viktor, Nicky and Silke.
Groep 9.
Jessica, Karen, Arnout, Joke, Pauline, Laura, Kim, Beau and Marie.
Groep 10.
Ellen, Tanguy, Zico, Bert, Niels, Simon, Marien and Lung
Picture to be added