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The aim of the Professional Development project ‘Science and Math’ is to connect 16 Canadian and 16 Dutch teachers using interactive white boards in a value added way in learning and teaching.
The schools, teachers and students use existing and (create) new digital learning materials in a collaborative way.

This project is a collaborative effort of ICT&E in Dieren, Netherlands - SMART Technologies, Canada -  VSV International, Houten, Netherlands. 
  SSM Werkbijeenkomst 01-10-2007    

SMART Science and Math - studiereis oktober 2007
Uitgebreid verslag in Vives (februari 2008)  

SSM Werkbijeenkomst 22 januari 2008 

Dit project krijgt een vervolg in het schooljaar 2008 - 2009
  • Toronto & Simcoe County - Ontario
  • New Brunswick