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Studyvisit Canada October 2007

  Why a study visit?
The organisers of this project have the experience that International collaboration has a far bigger chance to be successful when teachers / coordinators in the participating schools have a physical meeting to get to know each other and to experience learning together.

16 Dutch teachers visit their colleagues in Canada:
To enhance the ownership and commitment a study visit to Calgary, Canada is embedded in this Science and Math project. 
Before the actual start of the developing learning materials the facilitators of this project will organize a preparatory visit for Dutch teachers to Calgary in October 2007 (13 – 21 October 2007)

The study visit program contains:

    * A fully facilitated study travel
    * A plenary kick-off day at SMART in Calgary and a PD-day with Canadian teachers
    * School visit to participating schools in the wider Calgary Area
    * Hotel or home stay with twin teachers
    * Professional development on SMART Technologies / interactive white boards
    * Planning of creation of new learning objects and one learning arrangement in the Science and Math domain using interactive SMART boards
Saturday October 13th 2007
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Monday October 15th 2007
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