Canada – Junior Master Class 5 – Reisschema

Saturday May 5th 2007
  * Arrival of participants at Schiphol 7 am, departure hall 2, opposite of ATP counter* Departure: BD 102 Amsterdam Londen Heathrow 09.30 – 09.50

* Departure: AC 861 – London Heathrow – Halifax – 12.05 – 14.40

* Traveling with 3 vans to Rothesay, New Brunswick, appr. 5 hrs drive

* Meet the twin partners at Harry Miller Middle School 🙂

* Arrival of the Dutch at HMMS

Sunday May 6th 2007
Spend the day with your Dutch partner showing them the sites around Rothesay or New Brunswick!
Monday May 7th 2007
Students arrive at the school with their twin, and go to Gilles homeroom which will be held in the Library while the Dutch are here. Once settled they will begin to work on the projects that they have been assigned toT-Shirts that Anne Marie is going to make should be started this day as well as Clay animation projects with Julia Barrowman

Lunch will be pizza

Sock hop in gym at noon

Tuesday May 8th 2007
Out trip for the day will be to Tantramar Wetlands and students will visit …Brown bag lunch or money for restaurant

Arrival around 4 pm

Wednesday May 9th 2007
Students will arrive with their twin, and go to the Library to continue working on their projects that will be presentedGuest speaker(s)

Lunch will be a Party Sub

Activities in gym at noon

Graphic design and clay animation projects continued

Activities after school: open gym and group work

5 pm pick-up by parents

Thursday May 10th 2007
Arrive at school with your Dutch twinGuest speaker

Brown bag lunch or money for cafeteria

Karaoke at noon (cafeteria or gym)

Finish up the presentation in the morning and then do the presentation in the afternoon.

Dance in the evening in celebration of the Dutch project.

Friday May 11th 2007
Arrive at school with your Dutch twin and all of their luggage. Prepare for an early morning departureDeparture from Rothesay 09.00 am; goodbye and hugs from HMMS friends

Arrival in Halifax 18.00 pm

Departure: AC 860 – Halifax – London Heathrow 22.35 – 08.25*

Saturday May 12 2007
Departure: BD 105 – London Heathrow – Amsterdam Schiphol- 10.40 – 13.00Warm welcome by ??





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