Canada – Junior Master Class 5 – Verslag 8 mei

We were going to the Tantamar Wetlands Centre today. At first, we were going with the school bus to school. When we were at school, at first we had a short conversation with all of the Dutch students. After that, we were going to the Tantamar Wetlands Centre. We were going by a bus, not the school bus but a bigger one. The weather was a little bit cold. When we arrived at first we had an introduction in the building. The introduction was about what we were going to do that day.
There were three groups. I was at group one and at first we had to look for little insects in the water. It was outside of the building and cold and dirty.
After that, we get lunch at a restaurant. We were going to the restaurant ‘’Pizza Delight’’.
After lunch we had to do 2 more activities. We did experiments. And after that, we were watching birds. After the three activities, we were going inside the building and they tell us a little bit more about what we had done today. All of us were getting a poster, a folder and a little bag with stuff in there.
At 2:50 PM we were leaving the Tantamar Wetlands Centre. We droved back to Harry Miller Middle school and the parents picked us up there and go home. It was a lot of fun today and also we learned a lot!


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