Impressions by Rieg van Eijk 2008

On Monday the 14th of April we went to Vlaardingen to “the College Vos”. There we met the whole group. We talked about our experiences in the last few months and we already made some plans how to continue our project. In the afternoon we went to the former departure hall of the “HAL” (Holland America Line) to have a wonderful dinner.On Tuesday our guests stayed on there own partner-school and in the afternoon we came together in “The Libanon College” in Rotterdam. We had presentations of the student of the Libanon. It was very impressive. Afterwards we enjoyed of a dinner offered by The Libanon.

On Wednesday during the day was everyone on the partner-school and in the afternoon we came together in the “Oostvaarders College” in Almere. We had a tour in our school and we finished with a dinner in our own school-restaurant.

The three American colleagues visited several classes on Thursday at the OVC.

In the afternoon I went with Wendy and Tom to a nature park near Lelystad. We visited a pre-historical farm that was rebuild there.

On Friday we planned a “new and old land Tour”. We started to the shipyard were the “Batavia” was build. The Batavia is the rebuilding of a 16th century’s ship. It got lost on its maiden trip to the East. Then we visited the New Land museum to see how the Dutch developed the “Polders”.

Finally we went to the city of Muiden to have a nice city-tour and farewell-dineer.

It was great having our American colleagues in Holland and we are looking forward to continue our project.

Rieg van Eijk
Coordinator Oostvaarders College


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