Impressions by Thalysia Knoppelt

Queens, New York, 26/09/07

Being in New York has been a great experience so far.  After a bumpy, but yet comfortable flight we arrived at JFK airport. Madeline Brownstone and her husband welcomed us at the airport. We were brought to the hotel by shuttle. Being the only woman in this illustrious group I was privileged to have a single room at the hotel. I felt even luckier when I discovered that I had a jacuzzi in my room. So my first impression of New York felt like a warm bubble bath, sort of speak. It set the tone for the rest of this week.

The first day we got up early we went to see Manhattan. The train that was 2 blocks away from the hotel took us straight to Times Square. All the lights, traffic and the noise flabbergasted us.  We had to take a few moments to absorb it all.

Now, it‘s Wednesday. I have met the students for the Richness Within project. I got a positive impression of the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. I must say that all the students were really polite. I didn’t feel like a stranger. I felt welcomed by the teachers as well.  My impression was that this is a school with great aspirations and trying to stimulate and encourage their students to be open to other cultures. I think they do a great job. They have several projects with other European countries to stimulate foreign contacts all over the world.

So far I think we have laid a solid foundation to a wonderful collaboration in which students feel they can contribute to the intercultural environment. We are doing this by listening, learning and understanding each other. Me as a teacher I feel I can give my students the tools to accomplish that.

Thalysia Knoppel

Oostvaarders College


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