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In 2000 Bob Hofman started his company ICT&E, where the 7 C’s of global learning became the theme of a global exploration. ICT&E works frequently with the Dutch Ministry of Education and the National Educational Portal “Kennisnet.” Through Kennisnet, he coordinates the “Twinschool” project, which connects schools in Canada and the US on a 1:1 base to schools in the Netherlands. As designer of “tailor made” (Special Needs Education) and “Borderless learning” he manages two nationally respected innovative learning arrangements. He also holds the chair for the iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)-Netherlands foundation and is an assembly member of iEARN International. As co-initiator of the Global Teenager Project, he is involved with a fast growing and high quality learning network that currently covers more than 7,500 students in over 35 countries. His wife Dini and their four global teenagers—Renske, Koen, Aafke, and Anne—keep this “global enabler” with both feet on the ground.

Over time ICT&E grew bigger, click here to meet the team of ICT&E.