Canada – Junior Master Class 6 – Verslag 22 april

Day-report from Valerie and Leon.When we arrived this morning at school we waited a few minutes and we got on the bus and we went to the Aquatic center to swim in the pool. It was really fun. There was a water slide, and diving boards and also a rope too. We had a lot of fun there. At the aquatic centre there was a lady from the radio station. Elselotte and Nevill and two other Canadian kids had an interview with the National Radio from Canada.

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After we went to the Aquatic Center we went to the city mall and we ate there at MacDonald’s. It was really nice. Than we made groups and split up. First we where at the market that was really fun. Than we were going to a radio station called ‘The wave’. We learn there how the radio-station works, it was really nice.

We can hear the radio, and a lady who spoke on the radio.

After being at the radio-station we go to the city mall and we went shopping there for 10 minutes. Some of us bought presents while shopping for our family in Holland.

After this we are going to a communication company and they gave us a tour trough the company. They had talked very much but we didn’t listen very well. First they were talking about a new thing for communicate in a company or in hospitals. After this we went to a special room for watching TV. This room was specially made for a surround set. We saw how internet works and how the cell phone community works.

A lot of people were tired at the end of the day, and it was also hard to listen/understand all.

Someone almost fell asleep…

We got something from Aliant. It was a water bottle with the name of the company on it. Then we took more group pictures. This evening we are going to Tessa’s; we don’t know what we are going to do there. But we think we are going to have fun!

Greets from Leon and Valerie and the other people from the Harry Miller Middle school and Holland.

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