Canada – Junior Master Class 6 – Verslag 23 april

Day report by Nevill and Iris
Today we went early out our bed. We needed to be on school at 08:30 AM. First we discussed with the group some things. The teachers asked if we have any problems with something. Then the other group came in the library. Then a journalist came to our class. He told a lot of things about a newspaper. He told what he is doing for his job and he told how you make a newspaper. After that there came another man who’s telling about how great the relation is with Holland . And he said that our queen was born in Canada . We didn’t know that!! Something we don’t understand, but the most was clear. After that we worked on our project. At 10 o’clock we get something to eat. It was very nice. We ate fruit and cakes. Then we worked more on our project. When it was lunchtime, there came huge bread. Bread with Ham ore some other meat. After the lunch we went to go further on our project and we worked on our presentations for tomorrow afternoon. We worked until 3 o’clock , maybe 3.30 PM . Then we went to the changing room. The boys have one and the girls have one. First we must wait for the teachers of the Harry Middle School . In that little time we do what we want for sport. The most are playing basketball. Then the teacher came. We can choose between the sports: Basketball and Soccer. It was really fun. We think that we (the Dutch people) were better in the sport: Soccer and the Canadian students are better in Basketball. Soccer is in Holland the most popular sport and in Canada is Basketball also very popular. Tonight we go to an ice hockey game at the stadium of The Saint John Seadogs. Almost everyone of the clasfs is coming to the ice hockey game. Everyone is coming besides the teachers.Greets from Nevill and Iris


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