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Registration Learning Circles 2019

The Peer Learning Circle ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and ‘English Literature’ are open for students aged 10-18 years old, with a reasonable understanding of the English language.

The Learning Circle can only be successful if all participants share a responsibility to maximize the value, fun and outcomes of this learning process. By submitting the Learning Circle registration form, we as participants agree to actively participate in this Learning Circle and add contributions in peerScholar or the wiki, as indicated in each phase of the circle.

The GTP team will:

  • facilitate the Learning Circle process, from registration to evaluation
  • support participants with information in workshops & presentation
  • respond to questions by email or by telephone as soon as possible


The participation fee for Dutch schools, for each class is € 250,-  for the Peer Learning Circle and € 395,-  for the English Literature Circle.
The fee for classes from other countries is depending on the financial resources of the school and differs per country. Please contact the project coordinator of the Global Teenager Project: Bob Hofman
With your contributions, we are able to support the participation of schools in many countries.

Each participating group/class is requested to fill in a separate form.

Registration Learning Circles 2019

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