ICT&E  /  GTP – Learning Circles – 2010 / 2011

GTP – Learning Circles – 2010 / 2011

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  • LC Curaçao / Enschede september 2010 – Nederlands

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LC Curaçao – Enschede

Het thema van de learning Circle werd via een Skype sessie op donderdag 16 september besproken. Leerkracht Bart Scholten van de Bothoven school in Enschede is in overleg met de collega’s op Curacao… kunst, cultuur, geografie, water.. er zijn zoveel thema’s te bedenken!!Het centrale thema van deze Circle werd: uiteindelijk  “Geluiden en kleuren van mijn land”


LC Eco Friendly Schools

Think – Act – Do
Schools are important anchors in our communities. A learning community where we have also the responsibility to guide students on their learning path to become social and responsible global citizens in the 21st century in a world that faces many challenges. Challenges that are not the sole responsibility of governments, yet of each and every one of us. The Eco Friendly Schools Project appeals on students to think, act and do.
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Article in Dutch language about Eco Friendly Schools Learning Circle Project – pdf (2,3 Mb)