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Global Teenager Project – Learning Circles 2019

Learn with the world, not just about it!

The methodology of the Learning Circles is a proven concept since 1998. Every year, thousands of students and teachers from more than 40 countries learn together in lively global classrooms.

In Learning Circles students collaborate to create a deeper understanding of various topics, issues and themes that matter in the world. By sharing experiences and knowledge via the methodology of peerScholar or in wikis and social media, students connect with peers around the world. They develop more insight into each others’ lives.
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New: in 2019 we will offer a Peer Learning Circle.

Peer Learning Circles – March 11 to April 26

In the Peer Learning Circles students participate in an exciting 7-week peer learning process. Students will work and learn in the online peer- and self- assessment tool peerScholar, and are connected worldwide to create, assess and reflect their work on Sustainable Development Goals.

After dividing your class into smaller groups, students will be working on their proposal regarding one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students will share their insights about issues that matter in the world, with a focus on ownership:
How can I, and how can my community, contribute to realise the chosen Sustainable Development Goal?
After creating their proposal, students will see and assess the work of 4 peer groups from other schools and countries.
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All Circles are open for students aged 10-18 years old, with a reasonable understanding of the English language.

Formative Assessment & Future Skills

Students and teachers are excited about the goals and learning outcomes of a Learning Circle. In recent years they have experienced it as a unique learning experience: by sharing creative contributions students are not only able to connect and learn globally with peers, but are intensively learning and practising various future skills meanwhile.

To create ownership of learning, students will set their own learning intentions and success criteria. Students use peerScholar as a tool for peer reflection to assess their own and their peers’ learning process. Working in a Learning Circle includes student engagement, professional collaborative learning, global citizenship and future skills. Registration is open and closes on Tuesday, February 12 2019.

Information / contact:

Project coordinator Global Teenager Project: Bob Hofman
Coordinator Learning Circles: Manon van Herwijnen
In collaboration with iEARN.

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