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What is peerScholar?
peerScholar is an innovative on-line pedagogical tool that supports students’ collaboration, learning and reflection. Supported by research, peerScholar allows teachers to offer their students subject-based and cross-curricular assignments that really bring learning a step further.
Within peerScholar, a teacher can use existing or create new assignments with matching rubrics and learning criteria. Sharing assignments, addressing specific learner needs and tracking student achievement are really easy within this tool.
peerScholar facilitates learning through 3 phases; create, assess and reflect/revise. Students first submit their assignment, then they give feedback to their peers work, and finally they reflect on and learn from the peer feedback that they receive.
peerScholar is a multimedia-based tool that supports all available digital devices, with the flexibility to enrich learning and be used in any discipline or school level.
Why peerScholar?
peerScholar is an easy way for teachers to help students succeed while also saving time. Students receive more than just a mark within peerScholar. Rather they engage in a process of active collaboration and metacognition that supports deep learning and digital citizenship.  How does peerScholar work?
peerScholar combines student-centred learning and peer- and self-assessment, which support character education, the development of creative and critical thinking skills, collaboration and effective communication.
Giving and receiving constructive peer feedback provides students with the opportunity to engage in critical thought, reflection and evaluation. This process fosters the development of 21st Century skills, including self-direction and responsibility toward learning.
Teachers can easily follow and track students’ learning progress in peerScholar. They can also share assignments with other teachers in their school and between schools all over the world.
peerScholar not only supports efficient and effective education, it also collects learning outcome reports into a digital portfolio that teachers can use to assess learning and students can use to showcase their success.

For more information: www.peerscholar.cominfo@peerScholar.com



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