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Bob – Global Learning Innovator and Consultant

Bob Hofman has spent 25 years (facilitating) teaching, with a focus on learning expeditions and ICT (information and communication technology) policy based development. His strength is in designing innovative global educational programs that are generative, authentic, and respond to the evolving changes our world is facing. In 1996, he became the head of the ICT-department at the NDO/HAN/University of Arnhem and Nijmegen. During his three years at the NDO department Bob designed national and international courses for ICT-coordinators.


In 2000 ICT&E was founded as training and consultancy company; since then Bob conducted professional development and consultancy in more than 40 countries. iEARN is a guide in his life, an amazing global network of educators that want to make a difference;  Bob is a member of the Assembly of iEARN International, board member of The Round Table Foundation and international coordinator for the Global Teenager Project. By offering Learning Circles to students in 40 countries+ we enable students to learn with the world, not only about the world.


In 2012 Bob became the peerScholar representative/coordinator for the EU and the peerScholar International Expansion Coordinator.