Canada – Almelo – District 15 visit – Maart 2008

On Monday March 31st 2008 a District 15 delegation visited Sg. St.-Canisius in Almelo.

Nancy Boucher, John Mihaljevich, Lesa Scott, Lisa Anderson and David Chaisson we welcomed by the Canisius international team.

The morning started with a School tour and coordinators Marc Vreeswijk and Jos Bolscher and ICT-coaches Robin Kampermann, Rene Vos, Leo Kemper and Angela Verstraelen updated our Canadian guest on the wide variety of International learning activities at Canisius school, followed by a nice lunch with traditional ‘kroketjes’.

During the afternoon a workshop was dedicated to formalise collaboration between District 15 and District 16 and Canisius School in the ‘Global Competent’ PD-project.

‘Global Competent’ is a Kennisnet ‘Knowledge Roundabout’ project that aims at developing 10 on-line PD-modules in the domain of Internationalisation & ICT, strengthening schools bonds and ends in a study visit from 12 Canisius ICT-coaches to New Brunswick between

October 18 – 25 2008.  Both the ‘Global Competent’ project and the study visit in October are facilitated by ICT&E, Bob Hofman.



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