Canada – Junior Master Class 5 – Verslag 5 mei

We had a good flight and arrived safely in Canada!

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Today was the big day, we are going to Canada! And we meet each other on Schiphol at 7:00 in the morning. We checked in.

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We had to be at gate D22 at 9:15 so we had some time to look at some stores. At 9:15 we were all at the gate first we can walk through the security but after a couple minutes we had to go back and we were checked. After that we were going on a very small plain.

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After an hour we land on Heathrow there we go through the security and now we had to take our shoes off. After that we had to go to our gate with a bus. We were a little late because we had to wait on Mrs. simons, Mr. de Groot and Anne-ruth because they were not in the same bus as we were but one later. But we were on time at our gate. There we checked in on our way to CANADA. The flight took 6,5 hours.

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When we arrived we took vans to Saint John. That was 4 hours. On the way we stopped and eat at the Mac-Donalds. At half past 8 we arrived at the Harry-Miller school. There we had a introduction and then the guest family took us at home.

Henriette and Zouhair


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