Canada – Junior Master Class 5 – Verslag 6 mei

A day to rest form the long journey and enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Fundy.

Principal Lori Wall and Bob’s host Roger Cole shared ‘Pebbles and Rocks’.


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Today is our first day in Canada and we have to stay with our partners so we have all another day. So it is difficult to make a day report but we tell what we did on this Sunday!


I stay with J.D (John Daniel Kent).

I waked this Sunday up at 07.15 because J.D had an important basketball try out ! We went at 08.00 to Fredericton. We have lunch on the way at the Mc Donalds. That was my first time that I’ve breakfast there but it was nice! After that we drive an hour an half to Fredericton and J.D plays basketball.. When J.D was playing I see something from Fredericton with his father. We drunk a tea at Tim Hortons and we picked up his sister and we have seen a big dam! After that we bring her home and I played a game bowling with J.D’s father!! At 16.00 J.D was finished and we went home to Quispamsis. At the evening we go to Amada’s house and played some soccer and basketball with other students. After that we went to home and sleep.. It was a nice first day for me..


We went to the town of Rothesay, we went to the harbor and watched some huge ships.

After that we went to a shopping center, but It wasn’t open. We also wen’t to a international food center, and we picked some Dutch food. After that we went to a very strange thing. The reversed falls. It is really weird. One half of the water is going left and the other half is going right.

We went to a small fortress (Martello tower). It was really cool. We could see the entire harbor and a little piece of the sea.

After that we went home, to shoot some hoops.

And went to sleep.


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