Canada – Junior Master Class 5 – Verslag 7 mei

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Lianne and I have to write a big day report.. It’s nice because it’s was the first day at school for us! Jane & Fleur and also Chantal & Lianne get to school by car. Then first with all the Dutch students we came together and talk about our experiences. That was really fun!

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Then all the Dutch students have to pick a name who you don’t know yet and then you talk with him/her and you got to introduce him in front of the whole group. That was a bit scary but fun to do. Then also we let them see a movie that we had to make at our own school! They like it. Then we had a break, a lot of cookies and fruit they had.. Everything is bigger here but one thing not, the school! Jane said.

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After the break we get to work at our project and it was nice to work with them, we do preperations for the powerpoint. Then we had a big break and we get some pizza and icecream, then we went to the gym, everyone sports together like soccer and basketball. Then we make a Clay animation that you do with paint! It was nice to make, it was new to us. They show us how to do it.. So then after that we had some time to finish our day report. Jane had no volleyball so we go with the schoolbus for the first time in my whole life! Dorien and Steffanie were to! Wow, it was nice just like the movies. Then we go to Stefanie’s house, it was fun. We went to the mall and buy some hot dogs for the bbq that evening. Then we went to the bbq. Everyone was there I think, later Lianne and Chantal leave earlier because there going shopping.. Also very nice! We do some games at Kaitlin’s house and then we go home with Dorien and we talk at Jane’s house. Then we walked Dorien to Steffanie’s house. I think Lianne has it nice too. Today Jane’s dad came home so I finally met him. We go to bed now and put it into the workspace. X’ later

Lianne & Fleur


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