Impressions by Hans van Buuren 2008

Dear friends,

Looking back at the week we spent together in April I feel First of all a deep friendship.

Furthermore there were inspiring discussions e.g. on how to continue our project and how to exchange pupils next year.

I am convinced that it will be a great experience for my pupils to go to America and see what school life there is like and to meet their fellow students.

The visits to College Vos in Vlaardingen and the Oostvaarders College in Almere are cherished by me because of their hospitality

Most of all, however, I was, am and will always be proud of my pupils. The presentations they did, are for me the highlights of this year. The fact that they were able to talk in English to a large group of people is, I think, something truly remarkable.

Finally I would like to thank Bob Hofman for being such a terrific co-ordinator.
Love to you all,

Hans van Buuren


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