Impressions by Hans van Buuren

First of all it was of course great to be in New York and to have time to wander around. It is an amazing and beautiful city.

More important : it was very nice to meet Wendy and Madeline finally. I immediately felt that they were very friendly and gentle ladies. They happened to be perfect hosts as well.

The day at Madeline’ s school was hard work but extremely useful. We now know what to do more or less.

The three days at the Metropolitan Learning Centre have been amazing. I have never seen a school which is so well equipped and with a staff so immensely dedicated to their school, their job and their pupils. The atmosphere here is one of love and warmth. You can feel that right away when you enter the building.

We, that’s Wendy and me, have thought up a beautiful and interesting project for our twin classes

Wendy had organized everything very well and I would like to thank her a lot for this. I have thoroughly enjoyed these days.

Tom, Bob, Rieg, Peter and Tanne were great as well


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