Impressions by Peter de Haze

The arrival at JFK airport was the end of a long but fairly comfortable flight from Amsterdam to New York and the beginning of a week of a lot of impressions in the USA. NYC is beautiful, very crowded, very dirty but most of all very interesting. What struck me most in NYC is the difference between all the areas. Queens, Manhattan etc, they are so different and together they form one of the most interesting places of the world. One of the most impressive site in NYC is, in my opinion, Ground Zero. The site were the WTC was hit by the terrorist planes.

We visited a school in Queens which was surprisingly clean and modern in a more and more deprived area. After the weekend we went to Connecticut to Bloomfield to visit the MLC. A very modern and beautiful school with lots of facilities and very able teachers. The pupils of this school have to apply to come to this school and that makes a difference.

We had a very warm reception and I am looking forward to do the projects with the school. A very warm and special thank you for Wendy, Tom and Les (Who showed me the “American” way to play golf).

Thanks for everything.

Peter de Haze


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