JKF 2008 Travel

Schiphol to Enschede > train
Enschede railway station to Bad Boekelo hotel > Taxi
After arrival at Schiphol, please buy a 2nd class ticket (single fare) to Enschede.The ticket office is marked on the Schiphol map
1. destination to the city of Enschede > train ride takes about 02:15 hrs
2. trains departing at xx.51 hrs are direct trains to Enschede
3. trains departing at xx.21 hrs require a change at the city of Amersfoort4. same platform from side 2 to side 1
5. the fare is € 23.80 > you will be reimbursed on these costs
First train on the 21st of June departs at 06:51 hrsLast train on the 21st of June departs at 23:21 hrs
More details information on the NS website in English
   In The Netherlands we have train taxi’s and normal taxi’s.
  • Train taxi’s are far cheaper. You can only take a train taxi before or after a train trip.
  • Train taxi will cost € 4,40 single fare.
  • You’ll have to buy this taxi ticket with your train ticket at Schiphol airport.
  • Only one piece of luggage (bag or suitcase) and one piece of hand luggage per person are allowed in the train taxi.
  • It is possible that you will have to share the train taxi with other people.
  • You will have to order the train taxi at a pole outside Enschede railway station.
 Travel home…
  • Train taxis back to the railway station (when you go home) have to be ordered a day in advance.
  • This can be done at the reception desk of the hotel
  • The single fare from hotel to railway station will be € 5,50
  • This ticket is bought from the taxidriver.


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