Tuesday April 15th 2008

The Richness Within (TRW)
During the day participants follow individual school programs
16:30 – all participants are welcomed at the Libanon Lyceum in Rotterdam.
Address: Mecklenburglaan 49, Rotterdam – Routebeschrijving
17:00 – Opening by principal Mrs. Els Oosterlaan, welcome to:
TRW teachers from the USA and NL
Students and parents
Mrs. de Groot and Mrs. M. Ekpuk – US Embassy – The Hague
Mrs. Dorine van Norren, Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Netherlands – The Hague
Mr. Keimpe de Heer, Policy Adviser Strategy and Innovation,  Kennisnet –  Zoetermeer
17:10 – TRW project  by Bob Hofman; is there “Richness Within”?
17:20 – TRW students presentations
18:00 – TRW thematic discussion, Mr. Hans van Buuren
18.30 – TRW aperative
19.00 – TRW dinner at Wan Kok restaurant – offered by Libanon Lyceum.



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