Canada – Simcoe – SMART teaching and learning – april 2009


How it all started…the 2007 SMART Science and Math projectFrom October 13th – 21st 2007 sixteen Dutch educators visited Alberta, Canada to work and learn together with Canadian teachers. This exiting study visit delivered an amazing amount of new knowledge and skills on how interactive white boards can be used in new didactical ways.It also created a strong lasting bond between the 10 participating schools; once back after the study visit the teachers soon became the experts and catalysts of change.During the follow up workshop at the Hogeschool Utrecht, on January 22nd 2008, the newly created lesson plans and SMART Board experiences were shared.We soon identified that there was so much happening in each of the schools; yet how to share all these ideas on using interactive white boards in an easy way?This question was posted at the KennisRotonde (Knowledge Roundabout from the Dutch educational portal Kennisnet) and 2 months later the project “Goed voorbeeld doet volgen” was born.Each of the 10 participating schools produced a 3-4 minute web based video clip; all clips are linked by small animations that capture the essence of the added value of the interactive white board.The results of the “Goed voorbeeld doet volgen” project will be presented at the I&I conference on Tuesday November 25th 2008
Why – SMART Teaching and Learning (STaL)Why do we offer a new international project on using interactive white boards?interactive white boards are entering the schools by the thousands; a new tool with amazing possibilities to enrich teaching and learning.  Main question is: “What do teachers need to fully adopt these new tools beyond the level of using the interactive white board as an expensive projection screen”?Time to learn and having an enthusiastic, competent teacher as educational change maker is KEY.Someone with a wide range of ‘learning with interactive white boards’ skills, supporting colleagues.ICT&E, in collaboration with the Hogeschool Utrecht (Michel van Ast) offer 20 teachers to become that educational change maker!By joining the 2009 ‘SMART Teaching and Learning’ course you will become a part of an inspiring group of interactive white board users with a valuable and inspiring (inter)national network.This course includes a study visit to Toronto from April 4 -11 2009.
What – Aim of the projectThe aim of the Professional Development project ‘SMART Teaching and Learning ’ is to connect 16-20 Canadian and 16-20 Dutch teachers using digital boards in a value added way in learning and teaching. The participating schools, teachers and students use existing and create new digital learning materials on interactive white boards in a collaborative way.Besides the technical possibilities of interactive white boards, the main focus will be on the shift from substitution to transformation of learning. interactive white boards are an excellent tool in activating thinking and learning. Students in front of the class, a ‘tablet control’ rotating in the class room, use of voting devices to keep every student on board, there are so many new possibilities. Investing in professional development of an expert teacher in your school will definitely help in getting all team members on board in using ‘ICT enriched learning’.
Who – ParticipantsThe course is open to all subject domains like Art, Languages, Science and Math, Social Studies etc.Based upon your personal profile, we will find the best (subject) match possible with a Canadian teacher as counterpart. Participants in The Netherlands and Canada learn from and with each other; all developed learning materials will be shared.
When  – TimelineThe ‘SMART Teaching and Learning’ course starts in January 2009 with a workshop in Utrecht to get to know each other. We will also build a full web conference with the participating teachers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A second workshop will take place in March to prepare the study visit to Toronto. The course closes with a transfer workshop in June 2009, to share all; created learning arrangements (Lesson plans). Of course we hope to receive the Canadian colleagues for a counter visit in the school year 2009-2010.
Who – organizersThis course and study visit is offered by ICT&E, Dieren, The Netherlands.

  • Mr. Bob Hofman, organisor
  • Mr. Harry Dubois, certified SMART, Wintoets and Apple trainer
  • Mr. Michel van Ast, Archimedes Inst., Hogeschool Utrecht, expert on use of interactive white boards in learning.

In close collaboration with:

  • Mrs. Anita Townsend, Principal of Curriculum  – Simcoe County District School Board, Ontario, Canada
  • VSV International, Houten, Netherlands
  • SMART Canada, Toronto
How – registration and financialYou can join this course via register; your registration will be confirmed via e-mail.The costs of the course, including the study visit are € 2.290,- including materials.See also cancelation and financial details.


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