Learning Circle 06/07 – Questions

TRW1 The Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield, Connecticut
Question: How has the war on terrorism since 9/11/01 affected the values of tolerance and freedom in your country and community? What impact do you see in your personal life?(For example, has it changed who your friends are? Do your parents react differently to what you can do? Has your government established new policies or laws? Do you see an economic impact? In general, do you believe people feel differently about tolerance and freedom in your country and community?)
TRW2 Baccalaureate School for Global Education, Astoria, NY
Question: How does our appearance determine our place in society?For example you might start by asking and answering some preliminary questions such as: When is Dress important? When is language or speech (such as regional or foreign accent, use of slang, profanity, etc.) important? In what situations are physical attributes (such as weight, body shape, height, nose, lips, eyes, physical handicap, appearance of illness or wellness, etc.) important?
TRW3 College of Staten Island High School for International Studies (CSI), Staten Island New York
Question: This week in class we discussed how our generation will be remembered in history books 100 years from now. We discovered that the American media and social scientists are referring to us as “Generation Me” and “Generation I” – the most assertive, confident, self-absorbed and published generation in human history. Many of us use the Internet for self-broadcasting (Myspace, web blogs, You Tube, citizen journalism, independent music and film publishing, etc.) on a daily basis and it made us wonder:How do you feel about being labeled “Generation Me”? What role does the Internet play in your lives?
TRW4 Oostvaarders College, Almere
Question: How much of yourself do you show to others?(How does that change, when you are in a certain situation? And when are you most likely to be ‘real’?)
TRW5 Libanon Lyceum, Rotterdam
Question: Which richness do you possess and how do you make use of it in your class?
TRW6 Het College Vos, Vlaardingen
Question: How do we think about immigrants?Are there a lot of different cultures and how do they affect each other?Do immigrants notice a different treatment since the terrorist attacks ?


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