Singapore – Reisverslag – januari 2018

Dagverslag 08-01-2018

Monday January 8 2018

Het leerlab “Pleion – leerling eigenaar leerproces” is bezig met het ontwikkelen van een analysemodel om het eigenaarschap in een school te kunnen typeren. Doel is daarmee scholen handvaten te bieden om de ontwikkeling naar eigenaarschap in de eigen school verder te brengen. (to be translated soon)

De leerlabscholen willen dit analysemodel verder ontwikkelen samen met andere scholen op zowel nationaal als internationaal niveau. De ICSEI is een ideale gelegenheid om te ontdekken in hoeverre het model standhoudt in een internationale context. Spelen internationaal dezelfde zaken rondom eigenaarschap? Is de trend van docent naar coach in het kader van eigenaarschap ook internationaal waarneembaar? Kunnen zij zich ook vinden in de verschillende typeringen van scholen en zijn die herkenbaar? Dit soort vragen zijn voor de hele onderwijssector van belang zijn. (to be translated soon)

The International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) is an annual congress for innovative Schools and School Improvement. Theme of this year: een  ‘Deepening School Change for Scaling: Principles, Pathways & Partnerships’. The conference last for four days en takes place in Singapore. What better place to launch the first printed and hard copy version of the game developed by four PLEION-schools.

After the Opening Ceremony, time to prepare our ‘We Own the School’-booth!

Work done…. time to explore the wonderful city of Singapore!

Dagverslag 09-01-2018

Tuesday January 9 2018

Rise and shine… this is our day in Singapore! Two afternoon sessions: a presentation on the theoretical concept of the game. And a hands-on workshop in which participants can experience the effect and result of our board game ‘We Own the School’.

Dr. Carol Campbell, associate Professor at OISE in Toronto, took us in her keynote ‘Influential Educators Leading Educational Improvement’ sharing research outcomes to create ‘Collaborative Professionalism’.

Proud the the ‘Flip the System’ book by René Kneyber and Jelmer Evers being mentioned among the many valuable initiatives.

No one of the over 700 participants could miss our workshop..

No one of the 700 participants was able to miss our presentation and workshop announcements!

The participants embraced the game and were very enthusiastic about the possibilities they saw while playing the game.  A lot of valuable feedback was gathered.


Dagverslag 10-01-2018

Wednesday January 10 2018

Keynote from Mrs. Lucy Crehan ‘Seeing is believing’ – and a shout out for team development among a educators. ‘Standing on the shoulders of Giants’.

Conference debate: ‘Educational innovations Must be Disruptive To be Effective.  After a lively discussion the audience voted 50-50%.

Most impressed by the words of Assoc. Prof Ng Pak Tee: ‘Our innovations were not successful thanks to Technology, yet by the way our Educators used the Technology in a meaningful way to shape the future of our Nation.’

YESSSSS.. a confirmation from vice-Dean Ms. Rebecca Kan Yei… we have a go for the board game session at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Campus 1,  in Singapore city centre.

The day ended with a Cultural Night at the Canopy K at NTU.

Dagverslag 11-01-2018

Thursday January 11 2018

What a better place to buy this book on ‘Deep Learning’!

Interactive workshop from Andy Hargreaves and  Dennis Shirley on  Collaborative Professionalism

Last ‘Poster Session’ of this conference, and again a lot of interest to play our board game ‘We Own the School. As this was the last session, 10 English games were handed out to participants from different countries.

Stijn hands over a game to Principal Rina Ya Siuliu from Sinapore

And Freeks hands a game to Mr. David Taylor from New Zealand

What a privilege for Henk to hand a game over to Mr. John macBeath, Professor Emeritus at the University of Cambridge and Director of Leadership for Learning. Our concept and game were based and inspired on his work on Distributed Leadership.

Mrs. Hemalatha Bala from Malaysia received a game from Erik

Time for the closing ceremony of the 2018 ICSEI conference in Singapore

ICSEI 2019 will be hosted by Stavanger in Norway,  January 8-12 2018

The work is done… time for a tour by boat around the Singapore Marina…

Dagverslag 12-01-2018

Friday January 12 2018

We experienced Singapore as in ‘Wet, Wetter, Wettest’…. time to go out and explore Singaporean Education via School Visits.

And to finalize our trip, what would better than playing the game with students in a Singaporean School? We are very grateful that Mrs. Grace Leong and vice-Dean Mrs. Rebecca Kan Yei Pei opened up the ‘National Academy of Fine Arts’ for us. So again a taxi ride from Nanyang Uiversity to 80 Bencoolen street, NAFA, Campus 1.

As NAFA had their ‘Open House’ for three days, we were offered the opportunity to walk around where ever we wanted to go….. impressed by some much talent en most of all the dedication of NAFA’s educators.

As Mrs. Grace Leong had arranged 11 students from diverse disciplines, we decided to split the group in two, so that comparing the outcomes afterwards would make the analyses of ownership of learning even more interesting.

And this what the students shared after playing the game. The fact that so much valuable feedback was shared, is an indicator of the high educational level as: ‘How can we learn from your wonderful game, if we don’t take the effort to analyze what we have learned.’ Feedback form students in between the following pictures.

“The game will benefit both students and lectures by hear what students actually feel about the school system and how their lecturers conduct the lesson. Therefore lecturers can improve or change their teaching methods so that student can maximise their learning for the lesson.”

“I think its beneficial as it brings up such topics and therefore students and Teachers get to talk about it and we get to heard and understand other people’s point of view and realise that there are just somethings that we can and cannot change due to certain reason.”

“I learn to be more open minded about others and get to see a fuller picture instead of being verbal. It’s more of a see it to believe it kind of thing and I have a better understanding with other’s point of view.”

“It is really beneficial as it engages students, lecturers or even organisation as a whole to discuss and create a common understanding among everyone! The idea of this board game is brilliant as it captivates discussion through a game! And I personally think its a good approach for discussion in a more casual level.”

“I found it very interactive and a very innovative way of getting feedback and thoughts out of people, be it students or teachers. Also, this session made me question myself and made me realise that yes, there needs to be a change because through this participation I realised I’m not the only one who thinks this way. The game made us realise how many of us would want change and maybe the teachers would learn that too through this game.”

“For improvements, the game could have more questions as some seemed slightly repetitive. There could be a section below which lets you perhaps write your own answer if it really differs because then we are not limiting ourselves to the options provided because that way we would know how we exactly feel as well.”

Thank you so much Mrs. Grace Leong and vice-Dean Ms. Rebecca Kan Yei Pei for making us feel so welcome at NAFA!

Last evening in Singapore… time to have a long walk and get our heads up in the sky on that beautiful Marina Bay Sands building. It was opened in 2010, holds 3 towers with 2561 hotel rooms. What better place to have a toast and say cheers to the success of this study visit.




Margreet Denessen

Beste onderwijsvernieuwers,
Onderwijs is het belangrijkste in deze wereld, het is het mooiste vak.
Immers; “kinderen zijn de parels van de wereld!”
Goed werk Pleion!

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Ingrid Peters

Klasse! Vol trots kijk ik naar wat jullie gedaan hebben. Ziet er inspirerend uit en top dat jullie dit bereikt hebben. PLEION is echt heel goed bezig, in samenwerking met Schoolinfo.

Geplaatst op: 15 januari 2018 om 15:22


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